2015 SICM Day of Service—Outdoor Clean up Day
Saturday, April 25, 2015

Join with other members of SICM and the Schenectady community
to clean up city parks used for the Summer Lunch Program.
Watch for details on the SICM website, www.sicm.us or Facebook!
Questions? Contact Janet Mattis at SICM at 374-2683 or jmattis@sicm.us .

More information

Check out the new show on SACC, "Candid Comments with SICM," hosted by Shirley Readdean, SICM President. In this inaugural episode, Shirley speaks with Rev. Phil Grigsby, SICM Executive Director, about the history of SICM and its programs, including the Food Program and Summer Lunch. Details on when the program will air are forthcoming. Stay tuned!

CROP Walk 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015
Kickoff is at 1:30pm

For more information, contact Rev. Phil Grigsby
374-2683 or revphil@sicm.us

See our CROP page for more information.