Summer Lunch Program is winding down!

As of August 28 (the end of the 9th week of the program) we have served 70,926 lunches, and we still have one week to go!  Last year we served a total of 65,000 lunches, so we have already broken that record.  The most lunches we served in one day is 2,241 on July 29, 2015! (for those familiar with the program--yes, it was a Wednesday--chicken patty day!)

A Community Conversation about Race in America

Tuesday, September 15th from 7:30 - 9:00pm, Messiah Lutheran Church, 2850 Guilderland Avenue, 12306
Over the past year issues of race and racism have taken the most prominent role in our national debate that they have in decades. People of color are asking churches around the country to discuss these important issues, yet especially in such tense times, many of us may find it harder to enter the conversation than ever. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America recently held a webcast conversation between Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton and William B. Horne II, an ELCA member from Florida and prominent African-American leader, to help guide discussion around such a difficult topic. Messiah Lutheran's Womens' Group and Pastor Dustin are asking as many members of our Spirit filled congregation as possible, as well as other partners in our community, to join together to watch a taping of the webcast and then discuss how we can be better equipped as Christians to speak about race and racism in the future. All are welcome!  Questions?  Contact Dustin Wright, Pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church,  518-355-2311.

Steinmetz Campers

enjoyed a recent field trip to Fox Creek Farm in Schoharie,
where they harvested green beans and other vegetables!

harvesting harvesting smile

beans beans

washing beans

SICM Kicks off NSNAPew Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Program on Friday, July 10

SICM's CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program is off and running!  The highlight of this program is that participants can use their SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as Food Stamps) benefits to purchase the items at a cost of $10 per week.  There is no commitment to be involved in this initiative; one can simply show up and purchase fresh produce as it is available, at the Yates Community Center (Van Vranken Avenue) on Friday afternoons, from 3:00-4:30pm.  The program runs until October 23, and has been opened up to the larger Northside community.For more information, contact Rev. Phil Grigsby at 374-2683.