Men and women in audience with a powerpoint presentation.

“Father of Urban Agriculture” Farmer Will Allen visited Schenectady last week! Mr. Allen is food activist and and influencer in the global realm of food accessibility. He visited Vale Farm and spoke about food accessibility, justice, urban farming, vermicomposting, and how he grew food to feed his community. You can watch that video here.

Thank you to Rebekka Henriksen, the Farm to School Coordinator in Schenectady City Schools, and all the partners involved with bringing Farmer Will Allen to Schenectady, which was made possible by the Farm to School Program, The United Way of the Greater Capital Region, NY Ag in the Classroom, The Schenectady Foundation, and the Boys & Girls Club of Schenectady.

Scroll for photos below of Farmer Will Allen’s private welcoming reception at SiCM Community Hub and Will Allen’s presentation and book signing at the Boys & Girls Club of Schenectady.