Several tomato varieties grow well in our climate, including Opalka Paste Tomatoes. The sauce was canned depending on farm members’ preference to how thick or strained it was. Once the recipe was perfected, the sauce was water bath canned in our community kitchen.

Man wearing rubber gloves stirs pot on stove next to a place with spaghetti and sauce next to utensils on a countertop.
You can join us next week when on Tuesday, December 13, the farms make hot pepper jelly with farms peppers. Farms member Viki will lead and we’ll use some of the farms hot peppers to make a hot, sweet jelly. Then on Tuesday, December 20, farmers return to the Community Kitchen for herbal salve making using herbals oils and bees wax, all from the farms. Join the farms at no cost to be up-to-date on all the Urban Farms happenings! 

This week farm members canned tomato sauce using tomatoes and herbs grown at Schenectady Urban Farms.