Support your community Today this Giving Tuesday

Over 55 Years of Community Action


Food Pantry

  • $25 donation = Groceries for 10 meals.
  • $75 donation = Two weeks of groceries for a parent & child.
  • $150 donation = Funds one week of transportation costs for donation pick-ups.

Urban Farms

  • $25 donation = Two weeks worth of materials for our honeybees.
  • $75 donation = One month of a balanced diet to our egg-laying chickens.
  • $150 donation = Funds one month of transportation costs for the composting program.

Comm. Hub

  • $25 donation = Provides feminine care products for the Period Pantry.
  • $75 donation = Funds one month of phone services to organizations in the Hub.
  • $150 donation = Funds two weeks of internet access for Hub programs.

Community Stories


“Helena is thankful that in Schenectady she has found resources that have helped her settle, after her move here, which gave her a peace of mind, especially knowing there is food in her home. She also cooks food for the community using groceries she brings from SiCM’s food pantry. Helena also participates in SiCM Urban Farms’ seed share program to further her knowledge her knowledge in growing food for her family and the community.”


“Shawn is not only a guest of the pantry, he also volunteers! heard about SiCM’s food pantry by word of mouth through the community and feels the program has benefited his family significantly. Shawn’s vision for his family is that they continue staying healthy and having access to groceries. He would also like, for him and others, to keep utilizing community programs, like the food pantry.”


“Estelle has lived in Schenectady for 16 years with her daughter and, it was her daughter’s grandmother who told her about the food pantry. She uses SiCM’s program for groceries and volunteers at the pantry every day. One of the aspects that Estelle likes about the SiCM food pantry is not only does it provide groceries for her family, but it also gives her a chance to socialize and engage with the community!”

Giving Tuesday

We all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what about Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday was introduced in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y in New York City and the United Nations Foundation. Giving Tuesday took off with hopes that after several days of big sales and a great deal of consumption, people would be interested in giving back. And they were right! 

Since the start of Giving Tuesday, nonprofit organizations all over the US, and the world, have joined the movement by hosting fundraisers and events using #GivingTuesday. In 2020, the Philippines joined the movement and in 2021 were able to distribute more than one million pieces of bread through the “Pass the Bread” campaign.