The Free Food Fridge at Fehr Ave Farm is officially open 24/7! Stop by for a snack, a meal, or to stock up on essentials. This unique refrigerator cools food by harnessing the power of the sun. Look for it at the corner of Fehr Avenue & Duck Pond Rd (near Central Park) in Schenectady.

Thank you to Jammella of Free Food Fridge Albany, The Schenectady Foundation, and John Reschovsky for helping this collaborative come together. Now, dozens of families will have daily access to free, fresh, and healthy refrigerated produce and other foods for three seasons in the year. During the winter months, dozens of families will have access to free and healthy shelf-stable foods.

“Everyone should have access to food without jumping through hoops or having to prove they are impoverished” is the core message behind Free Food Fridge Albany. We couldn’t agree more! At SiCM and Schenectady Urban Farms, our mission has been lowering barrier to access fresh, local, and culturally appropriate food.

three people stand by an open refrigerator revealing fresh food and produce

John Reschovsky, a retired engineer and longtime SiCM volunteer with expertise in off-grid solar, designed and oversaw the installation of the solar panels to provide power at the urban farm. John worked alongside two students from Schenectady’s Girls In Stem program by Girls Inc to get the solar panels to convert energy to power the refrigerator.m SiCM staff including Chinira Lovick and Leah Egnaczyk helped John mix the cement to keep the solar panels’ support upright once installed in the ground.

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