Hi Farmers! We are in a drought and working hard, along with many of you, to keep up on both watering and harvesting all the veggies coming in now. We have potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, yellow wax beans, cucumbers, cabbage and culinary herbs, to name just some of the deliciousness we are harvesting and enjoying right now.
We are also freezing and drying some veggies and herbs. We are looking forward to freeze-drying some of this year’s harvest in a new Harvest Right freezer-dryer gifted to us by Schenectady County Soil and Water!

We are currently waiting on an electrician for the proper outlet to plug it in. We have received a number of requests from farms members for opportunities to learn and practice canning, and in September we will start canning.

We have kittens at Vale Urban Farm! Our rabbit, Fennel, gave birth recently; rabbit babies are called kittens or kits. It’s important in the early days to make sure that the mother rabbit has plenty of food and quiet, so we do not disturb the kittens right now. Our rabbits, along with our chickens, are cared for by a dedicated farms-member group who check in the mornings and evenings that all animals are secure and have food and water, and by our farmers, Leah and Suzanne.

Did you know that Vale Urban Farm is coming up on the10th anniversary this year? Be a part of this exciting event by joining the farms.

Some members have asked for recipe suggestions with all the food coming in. While we dream of getting our recipes up and in a useful format for folks, this local food blogger has great and simple recipes that are in season with our farms… https://alexandracooks.com/

Still wishing for rain and enjoying the harvest!