Have you or someone you know ever felt trapped with your finances? Are you or someone you know currently living paycheck to paycheck? Do you feel that you or someone you know is just one emergency away from financial ruin? If you answered yes to any of the above, this fun and transformative series is for you!

SiCM is thrilled to be partnering with You Inc – Wealth Education Services for a 5 week series beginning January 12th in the SiCM Hub (837 Albany St.) to teach participants how to create a life that provides more security, freedom and flexibility. You Inc defines financial success and show examples of financial independence. They dispel myths about wealth that are pervasive in pop culture. They also introduce the 5 peaks, which outline the financial pillars that must exist in a healthy personal financial plan – budgeting, savings, debt reduction, investing, and legacy-building. This class will give you a practical step by step plan to achieve your financial goals. Contact Georgia to register at 518-374-2683 x 109 or email her a vista@sicm.us