Schenectady Urban Farms

Bright zinnias in foreground, behind them green space and a tent and shed with people milling about in a garden

Schenectady Urban Farm’s mission is lowering barriers to fresh food access while building a healthy, resilient, and diverse community in Schenectady.

Our Farmers oversee three diversified city farms and together with Member/Farmers and Volunteers grow vegetables, herbs and flowers and raise small livestock. Our Community Orchard grows fruit and nut trees among native pollinator plants.

Our farms operate year-round. Members work the farms together, guided by our Farmers on staff who oversee the work through the year and share in the tasks of planning, planting, growing, and tending vegetables, flowers, and livestock. Members share in the farm harvest, according to their needs. While our 1.3 acres grow generous amounts of food, it’s not a CSA-type share. We offer programs for youth and adults in collaboration with other organizations and share the food we grow through these programs. We encourage and support city residents to grow food at their homes by offering seeds, plants, and support through the year.

Our farms practice and promote growing foods organically, building healthy soils and supporting pollinators. We grow foods that are part of the rich agricultural heritage of many different peoples and in the process make new friends and learn about new foods. It is both joyful and delicious work!

Our farm community includes people who have been growing vegetables and fruit for many years and people who are just starting. We welcome all ages and all stages! The only requirement for membership is two hours work, on average, weekly at the farm or on farm-related tasks.

We work in community and do not offer individual plots.  -Leah Egnaczyk, SiCM Farms Manager

Hanging vilyn sign on a chain link fence indicating the title of the farm. behind is sprawling greenspace, trees, and a shed.
Bee Day benner next to a beekeeper suit and table with honey
Smiling woman holding a chicken inside of a chicken coop beside greenspace.

Join the Urban Farms

Membership for the 2022 growing season is available, to capacity. Membership for families inside the City of Schenectady requires 2 volunteer hours per week. For family units outside the city of Schenectady 2 volunteer hours are required at the farms weekly.

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