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This year we are setting up a great lineup of sessions for SiCM’s HUB and Pantry guests, as well as Farm members to gain and pass on knowledge through the facilitation of the Community Kitchen team. The goal is to develop a fun, creative, and nourishing set of gatherings that will explore everyone’s own culinary knowledge as well as develop new skills and techniques for use in their own homes.

Schedule for the next 3 months:

Class Type                                                                         Schedule

30-Minute Meals Sessions                                                 Mondays (bi-weekly) 4-6PM starting Sept. 19, 2022

Schenectady Urban Farms Preservation Sessions            Tuesdays 4-6PM starting Sept. 13, 2022

Elements of Nutrition Community Forum                            Wednesdays (bi-weekly) 4-6PM starting Sept. 21, 2022


Upcoming Sessions


30-Minute Meals

30-Minute Meals is hosted by Chef Tom on Mondays from 4-6PM bi-weekly starting Monday, Sept. 19, 2022. These sessions engage individuals in a group discussion around food safety, efficiency, and ingredient handling. The facilitator provides guidance and talking points for discussion of basic methodologies to guests. Sessions will include talks about harvesting and product seasonality with members of SUF, as well as guests preparing a meal around the basket of ingredients.

1hr 50 Min

Sunchoke dip and bean dip in bowls on a shiny metal table.

Schenectady Urban Farms Preservation Sessions

These sessions are hosted by Farms Manager, Melissa MacKinnon, on Tuesdays from 4-6PM bi-weekly starting Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022. Work side by side with SUF facilitators as they discuss certain preservation and storing techniques for fresh farm produce. Each session will include a particular cold weather storing method like pickling for harvest vegetables.

1hr 50 Min

Elements of Nutrition Community Forum

Hosted by Health & Nutrition Coordinator Rev. Jeremiah Lennox and Food Justice Initiative Manager Thomas Schofield, these sessions are offered on Wednesdays (bi-weekly) from 4-6PM starting Sept 21, 2022. Guests will be treated to a take home dinner of their own making from ingredients selected by Health and Nutritional Coordinator Rev. Jeremiah Lenox. The goal is to create a cross educational platform with guests preparing dishes based on their needs. Sessions will focus on utilizing different flavoring components without the use of sodium and sugars.

1hr 50 Min

What to Expect

  • 30 minutes of a discussion of pertinent food safety and nutritional information.
  • 15 minutes of shared ideas of Mise En Place (Preparation Strategy).
  • 1 hour to design and create your own meal.
  • 15 minutes of discussion of food storage safety and proper cleaning.

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Learn from a professional chef in your one-on-one session inside the Community Hub! Topics will cover meal preparation, health and nutrition information and even create your own dish!

Meet Your Hosts


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Tom Schofield, Food Justice Initiative & Pantry Manager

Melissa MacKinnon, Farms Manager

Rev Jeremiah Lennox, Health & Nutrition Coordinator

Let’s Cook Together!


837 Albany St. Schenectady, NY 12307


(518) 374-2683 ext. 109

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