Masked woman hands another masked woman wearing glasses a bag of food

Join us to Increase Food Access and Serve Families Throughout Schenectady

It is through our shared service and mission at SiCM that we continue to make great strides towards bridging the gaps of marginalization. Our joint work strengthens food security by increasing and securing access to healthy, culturally-appropriate, as-local-as-possible food. This is how we engage with community resilience, addressing poverty and other forms of disenfranchisement.

We do this, together, as an unequivocal response to the gifts we have as an interfaith collaborative.

Your support propels us into social justice, community building, intercultural engagement, and racial reconciliation. This work is made possible with your help, and now we need your help more than ever with your tax-deductible gift.

Join us to ensure families have access to healthy and local food in Schenectady County. What do we mean by food access? We strive to increase and sustain high quality, culturally-appropriate food for our guests at the Rev. Phil Food Pantry, while also increasing access to indigenous and culturally-relevant seeds and other materials for our farms. Be a hero and donate today.

View Leah’s story and learn more about the impact of urban farming here.


Let’s talk about food access. Schenectady County is a food desert. There is significantly limited access to affordable and nutritious food.

Masked woman with bangs handing audience a bag of food from inside a food pantry

YOUR IMPACT – Did you know that your amazing and continued support to the communities we serve truly makes an impact? Your donation will sustain food access to thousands of folks throughout Schenectady County. By supporting SiCM programs, you’ll ensure thousands of children have access to summer meals and families have access to locally grown and sourced food in Schenectady County.

$25 can sponsor a family membership at Schenectady Urban Farms so they can grow food and share in the harvest at any of the three urban farm locations! You can be a hero and help our farms and our families.

$50 that ensures 8 children are provided a breakfast and lunch in Schenectady County during the summer months.

$100 to SiCM can provide 133Lbs of fresh food and produce to guests at the Rev Phil Food Pantry.

You can be a hero and help our feed our families.