Relating the resources of the faith communities to the needs of Schenectady.


SiCM’s 2020 Annual Report



You helped serve approximately 396,000 meals to families in Schenectady County. Volunteers devoted over 2,900 hours to help bag fresh produce and box up pantry staples for our guests. SiCM’s new winter home delivery program and the inclusion of plexiglass dividers are just a few of the many ways the SiCM Food Pantry was adjusted to provide food to homebound and quarantined guests during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the video below to see some of the changes made at the food pantry.

Our volunteers are essential to helping us feed our families. It truly takes a village. If you would like to volunteer at SiCM please send an email to [email protected] or call 518-346-4445 x 1. Watch the Pantry Volunteer video to see what it’s like to volunteer at the SiCM Food Pantry.


In 2020 Schenectady Urban Farms affiliated with Schenectady Community Ministries and took over running two additional city green spaces. Your support helped 3 farms grow sustainable food in 1.3 total acres for Schenectady residents and supporters of the farms. Schenectady Urban Farms (SUF) includes Vale Urban Farm, Fehr Ave. Farm and Hulett St. Farm. 250 farm members helped raise 8 egg laying chickens, 3 rabbits, and 1 beehive, and produced thousands of pounds of fresh produce to farm members and SiCM pantry guests.

 The farms operate year-round with a mission to lower barriers to access to fresh food. The farms are membership-based with the majority of members coming from the surrounding community. Members work the farm collectively, tending the fruit and vegetables, caring for the chickens and sharing in a harvest that includes eggs. Watch the video to catch a glimpse of Schenectady Urban Farms.


SiCM provides free meals for children under 18 years old in Schenectady Country. You helped provide 58,625 breakfasts and lunches to children in Schenectady County during the summer months. Volunteers devoted over 1,500 hours to help ensure children were being socially distant and wearing masks at 29 meal sites. Summer Meals switched to a grab-and-go model which was adapted as a response to COVID-19 from July 1st through September 11, 2020. Watch the video below see how Summer Meals was operated. Want to be a Summer Meals volunteer? Email [email protected].



The SiCM Food Pantry remained open all year to help Schenectady’s most vulnerable population during a pandemic. This isn’t about a global health crisis. It’s about real people like Deborah, who have depended on the generous support of our community partners.

Deborah Matos participated of SiCM services to support her family and child. The SiCM Food Pantry provides every guest like Deborah a package containing fresh produce and self-stable pantry staples as part of the fifteen meal plan.
“I’m a single parent. I don’t get assistance from anywhere else. Tuition and books for my college-aged child are expensive. The SiCM Food Pantry helps us with food and makes us feel comfortable and respected.”
You support community services that nourish food pantry guests, grow strong and sustainable farms, offer free meals to children during the summer months, and provide hospitality on Albany Street for people needing a quiet, friendly place to sit and tell their stories. You are part of that story, of an effort to build resilient communities.


St. Joseph’s Place

St. Joseph’s Place, a ministry of Historic St. Joseph’s Parish, is a place of hospitality, refreshment, prayer and conversation. Located in the heart of Hamilton Hill on Albany Street, the ministry began as a result of the dream of the late Father Michael J. Hogan, pastor of St. Joseph’s. Previously he had been the pastor of Sacred Heart Church on Hamilton Hill and when that parish closed, he was acutely aware that there was no Roman Catholic presence on the hill. Sisters Linda Neil, CSJ and Ann Christi Brink, CSJ worked closely with Father Hogan to make his dream a reality.

Three days a week St. Joseph’s Place opened its doors to the community to provide comfort, conversation, and refreshments to-go. Some of the guests were transitioning back into society after incarceration; some were lonely and all are looking for a place to share their story. COVID-19 impacted St. Joseph’s programming significantly by reducing services. Social distancing prevented the group conversations and exchange of ideas that provide a vibrant heartbeat of the concerns, hopes and dreams of an often overlooked portion of the community. Thanks to a lot of support from SiCM and St. Joseph Parish, the program continues to run today.

Patty’s Place

Operating at one day a week in St. Joseph’s Place, Patty’s Place is a drop-in support and referral center for women engaged in sex work. They provide basic services such as hygiene items, condoms, and clothing which help these women be safer in their current lives. They also offer counseling and referral for longer-term services that can help them improve their lives and leave the sex trade. COVID-19 impacted the structuring of the program and the items that were given, as the needs of the clients shifted in response to the virus. COVID-19 also impacted the population that was served. Patty’s Place saw a decline in clients that had frequented the program previously and also gained an influx of new clients. Your support meals helping these women connect and find support.

Letter from Rachel Curtis, LMSW, SiCM’s President

Over six months into the position as President of SiCM Steering, I continue to be both humbled and honored to be here. Since January of 2020, our collective society has undergone tremendous change. SiCM, an organization with heart and an accurate pulse on community, has similarly undergone tremendous change! The Executive Director transition has been fast and furious, yet strategic and methodical, and has ultimately paired us with the ambitious and genuine Amaury Tañón-Santos. SiCM, and more largely Schenectady, is lucky to have him.

In an earlier entry, I ended with the African Proverb: “The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” While the outcome of the conviction in George Floyd’s murder is a small victory, it is far from justice. “However long the night, the dawn will break” is another African proverb. I implore us to explore this point: If the “night” began in 1619 when the first African slaves were brought to these shores, why has it taken 400 years for a small form of accountability such as this to occur? The dawn may be here, but the work is far from over. In one of the more powerful events of my life, the evening of the trial’s outcome, The Schenectady Clergy Against Hate led us in prayer and then song at Duryee Memorial AME Zion Church. Arms linked, the lot of us sang We Shall Overcome. Resistance to this is among us. To the resistance I say: But not someday. Now.


Rachel R. Curtis




For over 50 years, SiCM has known the repercussions of the insidiousness of social and structural injustices in the lives of the many guests we serve through our programs. The mission and presence of SiCM with communities throughout Schenectady County is motivated by the interfaith ethics and values of the over 40 member faith communities that make up our collaborative.

In response to the violent deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd, and to the violence suffered by countless Persons of Color in Schenectady and throughout the country, the Steering Committee approved a statement unequivocally affirming that Black Lives Matter. This is our way of stating that SiCM stands against racial injustice and will continue to advocate for dignity and justice.

We will not turn a blind eye to discrimination, marginalization and violence in the communities we serve. There is no room for social and racial injustice in SiCM. We will collectively work towards justice, equity and peace, standing with and for the dignity of the people we serve throughout Schenectady County.

A Message from Jo-Anne Rafalik, 2020 Acting Executive Director


Dear Friends,

2020 was a year filled with new experiences that none of us could have ever imagined!

The year began with the retirement of Rev. Phil Grigsby, thanking him for his many years of outstanding leadership. SICM also, voted to become an interfaith organization.

I had the honor of taking on the role of Acting Executive Director. The Capital Campaign was very successful with construction plans in place, ground breaking was to happen early spring. February 2, Super Bowl Sunday, a car accident destroyed the front of 837 Albany Street. February 16, our neighbor’s water main pipe burst, flooding the basement. Two weeks later the COVID-19 Pandemic was with us and our lives changed – instantly! But SiCM continued to operate our programs, never missing a day of operations. My many thanks and appreciation to the wonderful, devoted SiCM staff. Everyone worked under very dangerous conditions, completing every task needed to keep serving the community.

The capital improvements began with repairs and upgrades of the pantry in the early spring. Soon after we borke ground for the construction of the new community building and kitchen. The Pantry looks terrific, and 837 Albahy Street is filled with wonderful natural light from new windows with beautiful storage cabinets. New restrooms are opening and the one has been remodeled. A community, multi-use room is ready for computer stations. The kitchen is almost ready for cooking. Ellis Medicine will join us with an outreach health clinic. The second floor will have new office space. The final stage will be resurfacing and striping of the parking lot, with some greenery planted. All this has been done under the supervision of Rosch Brothers Construction and Stracher-Roth-Gilmore, Architects. Their teams have been extremely supportive of our programs, and sensitive to the needs of our guests. They have worked around all of our activities and many changes in plans. Thank you!

Also in 2020, an outstanding group assembled to begin the task of searching and hiring a new Executive Director. The Rev. Amaury Tañón-Santos began serving SiCM in March of 2021.

Ending 2020 serving SiCM, brings with it many thoughts and feelings. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to serve in this role. There have been experiences that I never would have thought even possible.

2020 will go down in history as an exception to every rule! I am thrilled to see the ending product of the construction. Rev. Phil’s dream is becoming real, we are grateful that you had this vision. SiCM is an interfaith organization. It will be an exciting adventure as SiCM moves forward serving our community.


I pray that all of you continue to be part of SiCM’s future as an interfaith organization serving our community.


Thank you,

Jo-Anne Rafalik

Looking Ahead – A Note from the Executive Director/CEO

Esteemed friends and colleagues,
I continue to be honored by the invitation of the Steering Committee and Assembly to join you and my fellow staff colleagues as executive director of SiCM. I was well aware I was joining the staff and religious leadership in Schenectady at the tail end of a capital improvement project and the continued shifts in regulations and expectations of the COVID-19 pandemic. I also knew I was to join this interfaith collaborative in articulating its identity as an interfaith community committed to social justice and racial reconciliation, an identity that stems from over 50 years of steadfast engagement with the people of Schenectady County to bridge the gap of food insecurity.
As we move into the new fiscal year I am convinced we have all it takes to live into our aspirations. We are blessed with a staff committed to our work and to the Schenectady community. We are blessed by the collaborative of over 50 member interfaith communities that faithfully encourage the ethical and moral leadership of this county. We are blessed with a significant connection with thousands of people throughout Schenectady with whom we partner to nourish the most vulnerable among us, listen to stories of hardship and injustice, learn how to build sustainable communities, and together work for justice, equity, peace and wellbeing for all.
Man's face smiling
We will journey slowly and surely into the aspirations and challenges Schenectady has placed before us. The strategic discernment and planning process we are soon to begin will place us squarely in the communities we serve to listen from them what is it that SiCM should be with and among Schenectady. We invite you to join us in this process, to listen with us, to financially support our community work, to be present with us. Join us in this call to be the interfaith, social leading and justice collaborative for and on behalf of Schenectady County.
Peace to all!
Rev. Dr. Amaury Tañón-Santos

Thank you to our partners. We could not do the work we are called to do without your tireless support. Your help means the world to our families.

Abbey, Peter & Cynthia
Adams, Philip & Jo Ann
Ahsan, Ishtiaq
Aimi, Clair
Albany Local No. 14 I.A.T.S.E Local 14
Allen, Alison & Imri
Allen, Pam
Almas, Bridget
Alplaus UMC
Altamont Reformed
Amancio, Librada
American Baptist Foundation
American Legion Post 1485
American Power & Gas
Anderson, Douglas & Maureen
Anderson, Jean
Anderson, Mary
Angehr, Richard
Angelino, Norma
Angle, Elizabeth
Aragosa Family, Inc.
Armorgan, Karpai
Armstrong, Mary-Louise
Armstrong, Rosemarie
Arnold, Jack & Carol
Arthur, Richard
Ashelman, Claudina
Asiamuh, Isaac
Assini, John
Attridge, Robert
Averill Park Teachers Assn.
Aycox, Julius(Skip) & Patricia
B. Donald & Kay Ackerman
Bailey, Faye F. Harvey
Bair, Elaine
Baker, Amanda
Baker, Jane
Baker, Richard & Susan
Balfour, Linda
Balz, Winifred
Bankert, Patricia
Banks, Sheila Ann
Barnes, Lynn Wright
Baron, Sara
Baugh,Roxanne Baker
Baum, Elizabeth
Baumes, Debra 1
Beal, Katharine
Bedard, Jim & Nancy
Belardo, Salvatore & Diana
Bellamy, Charles and Nancy
Bellevue Reformed
Bellows, Roderic & Cheryl
Belton, Doris
Bennett, Kathy
Bennett, Thomas & Denise
Benson, William 1
Berger, Erica
Bernardi, Carol & Peter
Beukendaal Chapter No. 271 OES
Bienick, Kelly
Blackwood, Ralph & Nancy
Blake, Ellen B.
Blessed Hope Worship Center, Inc.
Bloomstein, Joy
Bob, Theone T.
Bobrowich, John
Bodden, Lynn
Boisvert, Bruce & Sandra
Bonn, Ruth
Borthwick, William & Carol
Bosman, Johan
Bowman, Patricia
Bozenski, Doreen
Brace, Joyce
Bradlinski, Amanda
Bramble, Matthew
Bredenko, Patricia
Brodie, Scott and Stacy Orsini
Brooks, Caroline
Brooks, Victoria
Brown, Linda D
Brownstein, Alex
Brudos, Mary
Brule, Wayne
Brunelle, Suzanne Dr.
Bubb, Ian
Bubel, Anne
Buczkowski, Henry & Mary
Burke, Erica
Burns, James & Judith
Burnt Hills Baptist
Burnt Hills UMC
Butler, Barbara & Wayne
Bylancik, Robert & Anne
Cagnina, Lauralee
Cameron, William
Cammarata, Elizabeth
Canavan, Chris
Capello, Ronald & Jane
Capital Region Ecumenical Organization
Cappuccitti, Susan
Carey, Thomas & Debra
Carlilian Foundation
Carll, Ryan
Carmen United Methodist Church
Carroll, Margret Linney
Carter John and Pamela
Carter, Sharon
Cassidy, Patricia
Catholic Charities Tri-County Services
Catlin, Alan & Valerie
Chestnut, Christina
Chillrud, Jean E
Chouffi, Eunice
Christ Community Reformed Church
Christman, Anne
Christ’s Church of the Hills
Church of the Immaculate Conception
Church World Service Inc
Ciancetta, Thomas
City of Schenectady-
Civale, David
Clark, Andrew
Clasen, William A.
Cleary, Rebecca
Cline, Jerrold
Clowe, R.M. & M.J.
Cole, Owen & Anne
Coluzza, John & Irene
Comfort, Lawrence & Mary
Community Foundation
Congregation Agudat Achim
Conkey, Robert
Consolati, Lindsay-Leigh
Constantino, Pamela
Conway, Kathleen 1
Coombs, Timothy 1
Coppola, Andrea
Cotter, Ruth
Counsell, Mary
Cox, Paulyn
Coyne, Christian
Cramer, Charlie & Linda Cramer
Crates, Denise
Crawford, Susan & Edward
Crossman, Nettie
Cruisin’ Creations
Csaposs, Donald
Cummings Jr, Edward & Mary
Curley, Leanna
Curran, Caroline
Curro, Stephen & Abby
Curtis, Rachel*
Cuthbert, Jason & Kathleen
Cuthbert, Jason & Kathleen 1
Cutler, Matt
Czaikowski Poole, Barbara Ann
Czarkowski, MaryJo
Daggett, Bonnie
Dahl, Eric & Roslyn
Daley, John & Janet
Dannehy, T. Edward
Darling, Joseph & MaryLou
Davi, Michael
Davi, Pauline
Davis, D
Davis, Jane 1
Davis, Ryan & Laura
Davos, Dennis
Dawson, Edward & Dorothy
De Kanel, Allison
Deacons of Charlton Freehold
Deb Best Practices
Deimeke, L. Edward
DeMaria, Gedia
DeMasi, Michael
Denisoff, Gail
Dennebaum, Catherine
Denton, Kathryn
DePasquale, Jim & Judy
Des Moines-Ziegler, Sarah
Detwyler, Elizabeth
Dickerson, William & Joanna
DiGiorgio Jr, Ralph & Carmela
Dixon, Thomas & Eileen
Dobson, Gloria W
Donato, Donald

Doolittle, Alden T. & Gay S.
Dunigan, Arthur
Dunkerley, Gary & Kathleen
Dunleavy, Catherine
Dunn, Elizabeth
Dupin, Phil
Dupree, Sharon
Dworkin, Paul & Barbara
Dzembo, Stephen 1
Eagan’s Alterations & Tailoring
Eastern New York Pride at Work
Eddy, Sharon 1
Edwards, Tuuli
Ehlert, Roger & Roberta
Ekstrom, Thomas
Elia, Donna
Elwell, Robert B
Emmanuel Friedens Church
Empire Christian Center
English, Ralph
Epstein, Samantha
Erickson, Hans & Sara
Erickson, Hans & Sara 1
Ericson, John & Gloria
Estate of Elaine Springsted
Fairchild, William
Faith UMC
Falope, Corrine Rose
Farquhar, Donna
Fazzone, Arthur & Marion
Feinland, Gary
Felice, J. Hollis and Linda
Felpel, Susan & Lawrence
Fenimore Asset Mgmt, Inc
Fenimore, Chuck
Fenimore, Sarah
Fenton, Robert & Anastasia
Ferri, Gloria
Fields, Donald & Mary
Filbrich, Carl & Christine Multer
First Reformed Schdy
First UMC
Fischer, Paula
Fischer, Wanda & William
Flahive, Brian
Fondriest, Suzanne
Food Pantries for the Capital District
Foster, Virginia
Foti, Robert E.
Fowler Camp & Retreat Center
Fox Creek Farms
Fredette, Robert & Mary
Furman, Dave & Carol
Gahan Jr, John & Denise
Gallagher, Ella
Gannon, Eve
Garramone, Laurie
Gavin, Donald
GE Foundation
GE United Way Campaign
George, Sandra 1
Geveci, Berk
Gibson, David & Susan
Gilbert, Rhoda
Gittinger, Norman & Mildred
Glover, Beverly
Gold, Suzanne
Golub Foundation
Golub, Mona
Gore, Jennifer
Gosda, David & Patricia
Grandstaff, Steven
Grassfield, Mary
Grattidge, Walter
Greek Ladies Philoptochos Society
Greenthal, John
Greenthal, John & Katherine
Greulich, Judith
Grigsby, Phillip
Gross, John & Frances
Grosso. Robert & Carol
Grot, Margaret
Groves, Jeanette and/or Kimberly
Grubbs, Bonita
Grygas, Daniel & Sharon
Gullott, Richard & Lois
Habitat for Humanity
Hackenberg, Patrick & Karen
Hagerty, John & Jeanne
Hall & Carol Neff, Ernest
Halstead, Howard
Hamil, Gordon & Marion
Hammerli, Barbara
Hanley, Karen A
Hanna, Marjorie
Hannaford Bros. Co.
Hanson, Anne
Hargett, Katherine
Harlow, Selwyn
Harrington, James & Diane
Hart, Howard
Harvey-Bailey, Faye
Hawkes, Charlotte A
Health Community Alliance
Hebert, William & Shelley
Hedman, Dale & Shirley
Heitkamp, Fredrick
Heller, Stacy
Henke, R.T
Henseler, Christine
Henze, Frederick & SaraJane
Herman, Leonard
Herman, Peter & Susan
Hernas Veterinary Clinic
Hickey, Frederick & Theresa
Higgins, Charles
Higher Ground Church of God in Christ
Hill-Butler, Deidre
Hine, Jeffrey
Hock, Jason
Hoey Jr, John & Crystal
Hoff Jr., Lawrence & Judith
Holaday, Elizabeth
Holder, Rebecca
Hollocher, Kurt & Janet
Holmes, Karen
Holmes, Mike Bishop & Pauline
Holy Name of Jesus, PNCC
Hoogs, Anthony & Bethany
Horigan, Christine
Horneck, Craig & Sally
Hosterman, Connie
Hughes, Henry
Hutchinson, BethAnne
Hutchison, Heather
Hvizdos, David & Marilyn
Inter-Faith Community of Schenectady, Inc
Irani, Rohinto and Priti
Izzo, Dominick & Josephine
Jackson, Carl
Jackson, Carol R
Jackson, Dugald & Sharon
Jardas, Thomas J
Jenks, Judith
Jennings, DuBois
Johnson, Brenda
Johnson, Mary Ann & Ronald
Jones Ritter, Diana
Jones, Christina
Jones, Christopher & Patricia
Jones, Daquetta
Jones, Stephen D
Kabak, Edward
Kackson, Ann E.
Kambour, Joshua
Kamm, Barbara
Kane, James
Katz, Miriam
Kautz, Edward
Kazmierczak, Christine
Keats, Roy & Susan
Keil, Craig
Kellish, Eliza
Kerker, Valerie and Robert
Kimmer, Jeffrey W.
Kimura, Shiro & Susanne
Kinal, Terrence & Patricia
King, Margaret
King, R.D. & B.J.
Klapp, Rosemarie & Kenneth
Klug, Frederic & Susan
Knapp, Richard
Knights of St. John#100
Koegl, Rudolph & Sharon
Koenig, Jo-Ann & Kellee
Koester, Marilyn
Kopp, Michele
Korkosz, Lorion
Koster, Diana
Kruggel, Sherrell
Kuchar, Norman & Christine
Kucij, John
Kucij, John & Lyn
Kudlacik, Thomas & Joan
Kulkarni, Parag
Kurtz, Nancy
Kuykendall, Mary E.
Kwiatkowski, Lorraine
LaMonica, Joan
Lando, Patricia

Lane, Margaret
Langlois, Philippe
Larkin, Hal & Carol
Larsen, Kenneth & Leslie
Larson, Ruth & Susan
Lasselle, Ralph & Clara
Lawton, John
Leach, Don & Marilyn
Leet, Claudia A.
Leon, Mabel S.
Lesh, Kathryn
Lewis, Bradley & Catherine
Lewis, Carol V
Lewis, Larry & Ricki
Libertucci, Meghan
Lisha’s Kill Reformed
Lisha’s Kill Reformed Church Women
Little, Eva
Lloyd, Patricia M
Lohne, Leonard & Birgit
Long, Robert
Longbotham, Bert and Sarah
Lorang, George & Kim
Lott, Judith
Lounsbury Family Foundation
Loveless, Odell
Lowe, Ed & Judy
Luhrman, Raymond & Sara
Lussi, John
Lynch, Laura
Lynch, Michael and Carol
Lynnwood Reformed
MacDonald, Helen
Mackey, Lester & Patricia
MacKinnon, Melissa
Madej, Jeffrey & Candace
Madonna, Alberta M.
Mahony, Michael & Mary
Mancuso, Thomas
Mangano, Thomas & Mary Anne
Mangino, Patricia
Mann, Carla & Ernest
Manning, Virginia
Manor, Carolyn & Denis
Manor, Robert
Marble, Todd
Marino, Ralph & Jackie
Markey, Barbara
Markowski, David & Catherine
Marshall, John R & Sandra
Marshman, Paula
Masucci, Nicholas
Matthews, Richard & Holly
McCambridge, Charles and Debra
McCarthy, Gary
McCloskey, Jane
McConnelee, Paul & Diane
McCord, James & Carol
McCorry, Edward
McCoy, Anne
McDermott, Mark & Virginia
McFadden, Douglas & Cecilia
McGough, Randoph
McKibben, Florence
McManaman, Charity
McVicker, Zachary
Meaney, John
Meaney, Patrick & Susan
Meccariello, Gaetana
Meggs, Susan Spring
Mendelson, Max & Lois
Messina, Alexandra
Militano, Dominick & Mary
Miller, James H.
Miller, Paul & Elizabeth
Miller, Robert & Carol Hamblin
Miller, T.R. & Katherine
Misir, Ann
Miskinis, Lorraine
Mobley, David & Deborah Gehman
Mohawk Opportunities, Inc.
Moldenhauer, Betty Lou
Molyneaux, Cara
Monaco, Keith & Jean
Monaghan, William & Natalie Brinkman
Moore, Jo Anne
Moore, Judy
Morehouse, Valdora & Scot
Morrett, Paul & Marcia
Morrill, Kevin & Carolyn
Mosher, Clarence
Mosher, Robert
Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
Munro, Carol
Munson, Lorraine
Murphy, Jim
Murray, Georgiana
Muth, Richard
Neikirk, John & Hope
Nelson, Raymond & Elizabeth
Network For Good
Neun, John
Neville, Roy & Mary
Nexgen Partner Strategies
Nguyen, Patricia
Nguyen, Thinh
Nicholas, James & Patricia
Niezgoda, Anita
Niskayuna Co-op
Niskayuna Reformed
Nottke, Rosemary
Novak, Margaret A
Nowicki, Theresa
Noyes, Deborah A
Nyhan, Michael & Mary
NYS Laborers Employers
Obrecht, Robert & Patricia
O’Brien, Sean D.
O’Clair, Patricia
Ogonowski, Jonete Trust
O’Keefe, Mary
Olmsted, Ruth
Olsen, David & Cheryl
Onderdonk, Stephen
Ontkush, Peter J
Oriola, Deb & Chuck Batzinger
Ostrelich, Michelle
Our Lady of Grace
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Our Lady Queen of Peace
Our Redeemer Lutheran
Overholt Sr., Edwin
Pagano, Stephen
Paine, Ann (Beverly)
Pangburn, Charles & Inge-Lise
Parker, Barbara
Parker, Karl & Elizabeth
Parker, Robert
Pasamanick, Lidia
Pattersonville Furniture Store
Paul, Anita
Payment, Lisa
Payton, Debrah L
Peck, Jean
Perham, Dennis & Christine
Perrin, Daniel & Melinda
Pesta, Pamela & James
Peterson, Jeanne
Petrillose, Peter
Picarazzi, Louis
Piechota, Louis
Pierce, Gerry & Eleanor
Pietrow, Glenn
Pitney, Kathleen Marie
Pond, William
Poole, Westoria
Porter, Don & Lois
Porterfield, Marion
Pratt, Rupert
Presbytery of Albany
Price, William & Donna
Prince of Peace Lutheran
Provost, Malcolm
Pugliese, Frank & Norma
Quaker Street Bible Church
Quandt, Mark & Christine
Quinn, Frank & Ruth
Quinones, Sammy
Rack, Karen
Rafalik, Gary & JoAnne
Rakus, Mark & Barbara
Rand, Miranda
Raney, Allan & Colleen
Rasmus, Katherine & Andrew
Rauch, Arden
Rausch, John & Janet
Rausch, Robert
Raushi, Thaddeus & Sylvia
Raymond, James
Readdean, Shirley
Reed, Florence
Regional Food Bank
Reilly, Matthew
Rella, Angelo & Patricia
Relyea, Lawrence & Linda
Relyea, Peter
Reppen, Norbjorn & Grete
Reschovsky, John & Sandra
Rhodes, Rev. Dr. Alan & Nancy
Ricci, Sabrina
Rice, Lucas

Richmond, Linda E
Riitano, Deborah
Riley Hart, Susan
Ringlee, Robert
Risseeuw, Marlene
Robb, Jeannette
Robbins, Kenneth & Jane
Rock, Bernard & Paula
Rockinger, Linda K
Rodriguez, Max & Linda
Rogers, John
Roinos, Kenneth and Ruth
Roman, William G.
Rosch, William
Rotterdam Sunoco
Rotterdam United Methodist Church
Rowe, Niles
Rowe, R.G.
Rowland, Eugene & Eleanor
Rowney, Rita
Ruddman, Anthony
Ruggles, Stephen & Sherri
Rulison, L
Runfola, John & Sharon Gazin
Rutherford, Thaddeus
Rutkowski, AnnMarie
Sabatini, Marilyn
Sabourin, Sue
Sager, Mary A.
Saint John of God Parish
Sardella, Maria V.
Sargent, Steven
Scharl, Christian
Schechter, Stephen
Scheib, Francis & Joan
Schenectady Friends Mtg
Schenectady Urban Farms
Schenectady/Scotia 500 Club
Schuldt, Douglas & June
Scotia United Methodist
Scotia-Glenville Elks Lodge Co.
Second Reformed Church of Rotterdam
Seed Money
Seeger, Dylan
Serafini, Marisa
Sever, Nancy
Shahin, Charlene
Shalonis, Mark
Shanin, Charlene
Shapiro, Rochelle F.
Share Our Strength
Shaw, George & Paula
Shirikian, Sharon
Shultz, Herbert & Cynthia
Singer, David & Mary Ellen
Sisters of St. Joseph
Skinner, Stanley
Smedberg, Adam
Smith, Donald & Marcia
Smith, Janice
Smith, Scott
Smyth, Matthew
Snyder, David
Snyder, Ross &Pamela
Solimini, Joyce
Spang, H. Austin & Martha
Spawn, Garrett & Donna
Spitzer, Raphael
St Amour, Susan
St John The Evangelist Church
St Joseph’s of Scotia
St Joseph’s Place
St Joseph’s Schenectady
St Kateri Tekakwitha
St Madeleine’s Church
St Stephen’s Episcopal
St. Andrews Society of the City of Schen
Stack, Abigail
Stallmer, Douglas
Stanford UMC
Stapleton, Kerry & Lissette
State of New York – HPNAP
State of New York – Summer Meals
State St Presbyterian
Steadman, Michelle
Stec, William
Steck for Assembly
Stefan, Mary Jane
Stefanski, Ronald
Steiner, Helen
Steiner, Roberta
Stella, Michael
Stellwagen, Neil
Steuhl, Carolyn
Stewart’s Foundation
Stocks, Robin Scholtz
Stolbof, Paul & Lorie
Storch, Larry & Jeannette
Storch, Rebecca
Styles, Twitty & Constance
Sullivan, Jeffrey & Margot
Szantner, Richard G.
Szydagis, Karen
Tanon-Santos, Amaury
Taormina, Francis
Tatge, Bruce & Jane
Tedisco, Assemblyman James
Thackeray, Mary
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
The Lay Family Trust
The Mario David Corp
The Moran-Regan Fund
The Pension Boards United Church of Chris
The Schenectady Foundation
Theodosiou, Nicole
Therriault, Thomas & Sharon
Thomas, Frank & Nancy
Thompson, Dorothy
Thornhill, Harold & Joan
Thornton, Roy
Titus, Megan
Tobiessen, Jon
Tonko, Paul
Toombs, Kathleen M
Trimpoli, Lucretia
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Troy Savings Bank
Troy, Elaine
Tucker, Arielle
U.S. Treasury Department
Union College
Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenec
United Way of Greater Capital Region
United Way of Portland, ME
United Way of Schdy
Unser, Karen & Jeffrey
Upadhyay, Roberta & Ram
Valachovic, Dorothy L.
Van Avery, Peter & Annalisa
Van Grondelle, Albertus
Van Hoesen, William
Van Shaick Beer Company, LLC
Vandenburgh, John & Diane
Vertigan, Richard
Vivier, Barbara
Voris, Eleanor
Wagner, Belinda
Walkowicz, Thomas & Lorraine
Walther, Anita
Walton Realty Group
Walz, Dan & Diane
Warner Jr., John & Diane
Washburn, Robert
Watrous, Peter
Watts, Jean
Webb, Joshua
Weick, Ray & Eileen
Welch, Caroline
Welch, Kathryn
Wentworth, David & Karen
Wheeler, Donald & Patricia
Wicks, Frank & Virginia
Wildey-McGill, Amy
Willemain, Thomas & Lucinda
William Gundry Broughton Charitable
Williams, Maria
Willis, Harry & Sandra
Willis, Helen
Wilson, Lynee
Winchester, Glenn & Martha
Winter, Caroline
Witkowski, Christine
Woods, Lauren
Woodzell, George & Ellen
Wright, Brian S.
Wright, Dustin
Wu, Xianwei
Yordon, Nathaniel & Mary
YourCause, LLC Trustee, Inc.
Yunick, Bob & Anne
Zemgulis Jr, Stanley & Marian
Zimmermann, Susan Niefield & Karl
Zonta Club of Schenectady