Special Features

* Permanent Sites

* Mobile Sites.

* Volunteer Teams Serve Meals.

* Sites staffed with staff and volunteers.

* Lunch sites generally open between 11 am - 2 pm; breakfast sites generally open at 8:30 am. (Starting times vary; check SICM website for details.)

Education & Activities

* Breakfast available at city sites.

* Daily lunch served at fixed sites and from mo-bile vans.

* Supplemental activities are organized by volun-teers serving meals.

* These can include:

Arts & crafts
and more,,,

Support for Children
& Families
& Community Volunteers

* Families are informed and encouraged to access other SICM and community programs for supports.

* Parents recognize that this may be the only healthy meal for their children each day.

*Employee groups, community and congre-gations may volunteer once a week or more to serve food and/or pro-vide activities.

Volunteers are needed!!

Organizations, congregations and individuals may volunteer to assist at breakfast and lunch sites.

Impact & Results


51,211 Meals
40,182 lunch meals
11,029 breakfast meals
Over 1,200 volunteers!

Funding provided in part by:
USDA through the NYS Dept. of Education; No Kid Hungry, United Way of the Greater Capital Region
City of Schenectady

76 community groups and 37 faith communities volunteer.

Phone:  518-374-2683 x 108

Summer Meals Program
SICM Mission: Relating the resources of the congregations to the needs of the community.

Program Vision: Ensure that high priority children of Schenectady receive a nutritious meal during the summer.
Summer Meals
Volunteer Training
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See the 2018 Summer Meal Schedule

Download the 2018 Summer Meals Schedule (PDF)

Meals Program Flyer