SiCM Mission: Relating the resources of the congregations to the needs of the community.
Program Vision: To foster the independence and well-being of today’s active senior.

Sit & Knit

SeniorAdults and Seniors come together to knit, crochet, color, do crafts and share stories.
 Seniors teach younger guests the art of knitting and more ...
 Guest benefits: save money, socialize and create art.
 Second Tuesday each month at 12:30 pm at 839 Albany St.

Senior Connect

 Provides fellowship, fun, and nu-tritious lunch.
 Offers hands-on activities to encour-age good health and nutrition. Work-shops can include growing fresh vege-tables in a home/apartment, recy-cling, and tools to stretSenbiorch a food budget
 Serves as a resource of infor-mation and assistance through educational forums on a wide range of senior home care and Medicaid/Medicare topics.
 Second Tuesday each month at 10:00 am at 839 Albany St.

Grandparent/Grandchild Supports

Senor Support grandparent/s who serve as a guardian or role model for their grandchild/ren.
 Educating Seniors of resources available in the community to assist them with their grandchild/ren.
 Offers grandparents and their grandchild/ren spe-cial trips to encourage social and recreational activities (i.e., SPAC night out).
 Grandparents and their grandchildren come to-gether for SiCM’s summer meals program and the Summer Day Camp at Steinmetz Park.

Volunteers are needed!!

Organizations, congrega-tions and individuals may volunteer to assist with all Senior Services as well as donate needed sup-plies (yarn needed!!)

SICM Food Program
839 Albany St.
Schenectady, NY 12307
Phone: 518.346.4445

*Schenectady Inner City Ministries
Food Program
Director: Shelly Ford
Volunteer Coordinator: Jo-Anne Rafalik

Impact & Results—2017

 2,625 seniors accessed the food pantry for groceries.
 The Senior Connect program has an average attendance of 25 Seniors at the monthly program. 50% of at-tendees at Sit & Knit are Seniors.
 Nearly 80% (95 out of 120) of the weekly volunteers staffing the pantry are Seniors.
 50% (9 out of 18) of gardeners using the community garden are Seniors who receive assistance to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables.

Funding provided in part by:
Individual Donors and Groups