SICM Programs: The Emergency Food Pantry

The Emergency Food Program, led by Shennan Jarboe, is located at 839 Albany Street, where it relocated in April 2007 from its former space in the First United Methodist Church (thank you, FUMC!).

In 2013, the pantry served a record 52,033 individuals, up from 50,469 in 2012.  A total of 468,297 meals were served in 2013, up from 450,684 in 2012.

The numbers show the undisclosed level of need for temporary and emergency food, given the nature of the economy, government realities, and individual situations.

The Nutrition Education and Outreach Program (started by SICM, transitioned to Catholic Charities) is located at the building, offering pre-screening and help with Food Stamp applications.
The building allows for additional offerings of “wraparound” services, including nutritionists from Cornell Cooperative Extension, tax preparation, flu shots, voter registration, and lead testing.

Mass Distribution: The SICM Food Pantry started Mass Distribution in May of 2008, through the Regional Food Bank.

On the last Thursday of each month, the RFB delivers 12 pallets of “hard to move items,”
especially produce that they don’t want to spoil, as well as yogurt, cottage cheese, juice and
bread. Each person is given a box and proceeds to each pallet and is given enough of every item
according to their family size. The items change each month and this does not count against the person’s regular pantry visit of once per month. The food pantry is not open for regular business on that day and NO transportation is provided.

SICM Emergency Food Pantry

839 Albany Street

Schenectady, NY 12307

Pantry Phone: 346-4035 (during open hours only)
Food Program Phone: 346-4445
Pantry Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 AM until capacity is met.
Mass Distribution Day: Last Thursday of the Month 9:00 AM until capacity is met