The 2016 CROP Walk

Thanks to all who came out to walk in the Schenectady CROP Walk on Sunday, May 1. The weather didn't dampen the spirits of the many committed walkers who raised money to address hunger issues here and abroad. If you have not yet turned in your donations, please bring them to the SICM Office Monday through Wednesday, between 8am and 3pm. Stay tuned for preliminary numbers of walkers and donations!

Daily Gazette Article: Schenectady CROP Walk raises $50,000 to fight hunger

Dear CROP Friend/Recruiter:

The CROP Walk 2016 was a celebration with 400+ people involved!  We joined together in common cause to fight hunger both here and overseas.   With some new groups involved we raised over $48,000!

We’re looking forward to this year’s walk, scheduled for Sunday, May 1.The location of the walk is Emmanuel Friedens Church, 218 Nott Terrace 12307.  We greatly appreciate their hospitality.  The walk kicks off at 1:30 pm. 

I invite you to come to the Recruiters' Workshop:   Tuesday, March 15 to get details about this year’s event, which celebrates the 36th Anniversary of CROP Walks in our community.    This workshop is designed for those who engage others in their congregations, groups, etc.; they are the contact people. 

If your group has taken part previously, great!  Please come again!  If you have not taken part, please consider joining in.  It is an uplifting event with our friends and neighbors witnessing as a community; please check out for more!  We will have registration and promotional materials, curriculum materials for schools and teachers, and worship resources.

The recruiters’ workshop will be from 5:30 to 7 p.m. for March 15 at Emmanuel Baptist/Friedens UCC Church, 218 Nott Terrace, Schenectady 12307.  We will have a light supper and begin the more formal part at 6.  

We look forward to seeing you on March 15  (In case winter decides to arrive that day, we’ll plan the following Tuesday...)!

Feel free to call me at 374-2683 or email me ( to RSVP and/or if you have questions; or if you would like materials prior to March 15.


Rev. Phillip Grigsby
For the CROP Committee

P.S. If you are no longer the recruiter for your congregation or group, please get this invitation to the appropriate person.   If you are not sure, please call.

P.P.S.  We plan to have special recruiter shirts available. 

FAQ: 2016 Schenectady CROP Walk

What is it?    The CROP Walk is a community celebration where people from all walks of life join in common cause to fight hunger here and overseas.  “We walk because they walk” is a living symbol that we walk one day a year because too many people here and overseas walk every day.  Often this is for the basics of life:  water, food, shelter.  Too often it is for their lives:  we see refugees fleeing war and disaster.  Funds raised are used locally for food pantries and meal programs and funds overseas are used for relief, refugee resettlement, and self-help development through partner agencies or designated by contributors.  Schenectady’s CROP Walk has consistently been a strong witness, thanks to many! 
The Goal for this year:  400 Walkers raising $50,000
We went over the top last year; goal was $45,000 and the total was $47.704!

What Does CROP Stand For?  Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty
+People are hungry because they are poor+

Who can take part?  All are welcome!    We welcome babies in strollers, no upper age limit; many dogs have taken their owners on the route.  Individuals can join who are not part of a group or team.

Who Are Recruiters?  Recruiters recruit others in a congregation, business, group, etc.  A group can have multiple recruiters.  Recruiters enlist others, promote the event, and then collect sponsor records with funds.  Recruiters are the “champions” in the group.  We have a special shirt for recruiters; each participant also gets a regular t-shirt on the day of the event. 

Date:  Sunday, May 1, 2016 (rain or shine)
Start/End: Emmanuel/Friedens Church, 218 Nott Terrace 12307
Parking in MVP garage or nearby lots
Registration Begins at 12:30 pm, continuous until the opening ceremony
Walkers turn in funds or the top form of the sponsor records
Start: 1:30 pm after a brief opening ceremony at 1:20 pm
Route Loop about 3 miles downtown, just by the Greenmarket, loop back; a shorter route (Golden Mile) available also
Incentives Everyone:  a local CROP t-shirt
$50+:  a unique CROP mug
Materials:  Emmanuel Friedens Church, 218 Nott Terrace, Schenectady (374-4114)
SICM Office, 1055 Wendell Ave, Schenectady (374-2683)

How Does It Work?    Participants obtain their own sponsors.  Funds are turned in to the recruiter (who is encouraged to turn them in the day of the event).  After the event, turn funds and unused forms to the SICM office, 1055 Wendell Avenue 12308.  Our long time Treasurer retired; volunteers welcome! 75% of funds go to overseas relief, self-help development and refugee resettlement; 25% of funds remain local for food assistance programs.  You can form a team on the Internet: “Walk on the Web” and get sponsors far and near!

Who Sponsors It?  Local ecumenical organizations (Schenectady Inner City Ministry) coordinate efforts for a common day (Capital Area Council of Churches).  CROP is the Community Hunger Appeal; contributors support Church World Service or designate interfaith or secular efforts; this is the community hunger appeal.

More Information?  Email: 374-2683 ext. 111/check out