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Internship Program Features

* Open to college and older high school students.

* Provide valuable experience, especially
for students pursuing human service careers
* Interns work with community groups
serving high-need populations.

* Part-time and full-time positions available.
Education & Work Experience

* Orientation and training are provided.

* Interns gain experience in various SICM and community programs.

* Periodic meetings are held with interns and intern coordinator.
* Interns write and submit reflection papers at conclusion of internship.

* Assistance is offered on resume writing and articulating the internship


A faith-based internship!

SCM Mission: Relating the resources of the congregations to the needs of the community.
Program Vision: During the summer months, students have a valuable experience.
Internship Funding

* Financial support is provided by individuals and congregations.

* Positions may be funded for $2,800 (full-time) or $1,400 (part-time).
Internship Director:
1055 Wendell Avenue
Schenectady, NY 12308
Main: 518.374.2683 x 107
Fax: 518.382-1871
Impact & Results

* Interns develop life-long friendships.

* Interns often assess future career opportunities.

* Interns use this experience as a steppingstone to
graduate work and careers in social work

PHONE: 518-374-2683 x107