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Schenectady County Embraces Diversity
Schenectady County Embraces Diversit

Schenectady County Embraces Diversity (SCED) Program

SCED is a program for both youth and adults designed to create new ways to talk about Schenectady County’s diverse community. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the issues that divide populations and identify possible solutions to address their concerns.

SCED provides support to local networks and seeks change through advocacy

Dialogue to Change
(for adults)
Study Circles
(for middle & high school students)
* Small groups (12 to 15 people)
* Structured sessions led by trained facilitator(s)
* Personal stories leading to shared understanding
* Setting to share knowledge, resources, power and decision making
* Plans for action are developed and implemented.
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SCM Mission:
Relating the resources of the congregations to the needs of the community.

SCED Program Vision: Diversity is our strength for change.

SCED Program

1055 Wendell Ave
Schenectady, NY 12308

Rev. Horace Sanders, Jr.
Chief Diversity Officer
Phone: 518.374.2683 x112
Fax: 518-382-1871

Impact & Results—2016-17

Study Circles:

* 5 middle schools — 89% of participants stated they felt they can do something to improve relations.

* 6 high schools — 93% of participants stated they had a better understanding of different types of maltreatment

Coordinated Community Conversations

* Police & Community Relations; Youth Response to Authority

Total Youth and Adult Participation: 400

Funding provided in part by:
School Districts Fees, and SCM core and congregations
Phone: 518-374-3683 x112
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